About the Low-Carb Fairy

Welcome to my healthy recipe site! Most of the recipes here are low-carb, and all of them are 100% healthy and organic.

Why low-carb? 

Screen shot 2013-06-09 at 1.10.04 PM

At my highest weight – 120 kg. (2005)

I am a young woman in my mid-twenties who has spent many, many, many years getting on, and falling off the diet wagon. From the time I was three until I was 20 I was morbidly obese, weighing up to 120 kg (260 lbs) at my largest. At some point in my life I had decided that I was just inclined, or destined, to be larger than most people, and this was something I came to accept.

Then a friend introduced me to the South Beach Diet, and in a moment of weakness (or strength) I chose to try it out. If it didn’t work it didn’t really matter, as I already felt I had nothing to lose.

After a week I had lost 4 kg (10+ lbs) and within a month I was down almost 10 kg. That was when I realized that I was in fact not destined to be morbidly obese, I had just been torturing my body with overly processed, generic junk for most of my youth.

From a size 28 to size 8

Screen shot 2013-06-09 at 1.12.04 PM

At my goal weight – 68 kg. (2010)

Fast forward two years and I had halved my body weight, going from 120 kg. and a size 28 US to 68 kg. and a size 8.

All through healthy food and exercise (although to be honest I am not an exercise fiend and found that the right food was what got me most of the weigh – pun intended – to meeting my goal).

I have been able to keep off the weight for 4 years now, although I have gained back 6 kg (around 15 lbs), which is why I am now back on the diet wagon, and this time trying out the Paleo instead of South Beach.

This blog is dedicated to healthy recipes and health facts about food, and I hope you will join me on my diet journey and share your diet conquests here as well!

Here’s to eating what nature intended – healthy, organic and process free foods!


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